PKO VISA Infinite

We were asked by Agencja Warszawa to create and pitch a fresh concept and therefore an animation for Client's upcoming product. Given free hand we choose to commision one of our friendly directors - Alek Panfilov to create an abstract and moody world of private banking.

45’ release version

Image advertising supporting the reveal of the PKO VISA Infinite credit card.Created to please the eyes in chosen VIP areas without loud sales message.

the creation


To support creative pitch, our artist Krystian Dulnik, created styleframes that previsualised and supported directors ideas through the pitch. Talking about abstract stuff and shaders made it easy with such. Krystian worked in Maxon’s Cinema 4D and OTOY’s Octane renderer for fast and quality turnaround. Development of styleframes also gave us the ability to build a library of materials that were a good use in later work.


from storyboard to final animation

Once all were happy with the concept and idea of abstract world - dna of the product, it was important to visualise it and keep consistent till the end.

Have a look at how it developed from particles, shapes and transitions in color speedpaint storyboard, directed in animatic to meet final quality renders.

final frames

We’ve selected some of our favourite frames from the final animation.

we are human, after all


Director of motion /
Producer /
Motion designers /
Storyboard artist /

Alek Panfilov
Agnieszka Dobrołowicz
Alek Panfilov, Krystian Dulnik
Janusz Ordon

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